Hope for the Hopeless

August 30, 2016 Uncategorized 0 Comments

unloading truckRelationships are everything in this part of the world, and having a couple of team members from the area helped us gain unprecedented access and freedom to move about. We had specifically looked for areas hardest hit by the lack of a good harvest, insecurity due to the conflict, and in need of a reassuring message of God’s love and protection even in the midst of horrific circumstances. As mentioned, this led us on a path a couple of hours into the bush, but also to some genuinely grateful people. In both villages, older women came up to me and gave me a vigorous handshake to show their gratitude. The need was evident given the fact that there was not a single person even close to overweight anywhere. Most kids were in rags, some were naked. As always, in these circumstances you wish you had more to give, which is why the message of hope is so critical. On one quick trip you can’t fix the situation, but you can provide immediate relief and restore hope.