Update from Nuba

August 27, 2016 Journal 0 Comments

loaded truck for kaudaThe second GNAC conference in January was preceded by relief mission to the Nuba Mts where we provided food, medicine and school supplies to needy people in the war torn region.  We also met with church leaders, officials and educators as we drove over the long road to the capitol.

Four days after arriving at Yida camp we started our journey northward. We had prepositioned supplies bound for K-N, and though we were not able to physically escort the grain there because of instability, we made contact with the local leadership and made arrangements for transport. We also made preparations for the upcoming conference, which turned out to be time very well spent while we awaited our next move. Since lending support and aid to those in greatest need has always been a part of our work, the GNAC raised enough funds to bring just over two tons of grain and other staple goods along with us. We loaded the supplies into our hired land cruiser and set out early.